With Remote Future now start and deepen your introduction to working with distributed teams.

In today's world of work, it is important to deal with the issue of distributed teams. In times of VUCA, we are faced with the challenge of how to lead distributed teams worldwide in a goal-oriented manner with a clear distribution of tasks and effective communication. Not only the leading of teams is relevant, but also the joint virtual working on topics and the sensible use of suitable tools in the daily work.

The webinar provides a good and practical introduction to Remote Future.

Building distributed teams

What are distributed teams? How do I set up distributed teams? What do I start with first?

goal settings

How can we work in a focused way? How do we manage to motivate ourselves virtually?

task distribution

How can we work on joint activities? What is the transparency between us? What do I have to delegate?

Communication & Tools

What does daily virtual communication look like? What is the best way to communicate with my colleagues? What are useful tools?


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